Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How To Get A Nicki Minaj Booty?

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Nicki Minaj is the reigning Queen of The Big Booty. She burst onto the scene only a few years ago, her outgoing personality and her huge booty created quite a stir. Many question's arise when it comes to Nicki Minaj's booty and the validity behind it. Rumors have further heightened the theory that Nicki Minaj's booty, is fake. While Nicki Minaj has rapped several verses from one song to the next suggesting that she has had some type of butt augmentation done; no one really knows the exact procedure. I thing that Nicki Minaj has butt injections(i.e. booty shots). As  some of her lyrics  suggest in the song "Dance" by Big Sean,  Nicki says something along the lines of "It's finally soft, man it's finally soft, I guess them a** shots wore off".  

It is from that segment or statement made by Nicki Minaj that I've drawn conclusion that Nicki Minaj gets butt injections. There is no argument that Nicki's booty is admired by many, both male and female. Women are now on a quest to get bigger butts. With that being said, I'm on  quest to provide the information that is being seeked.  For starters to the glutes are muscles. In order to gain muscle one must exercise to build it.  You can do leg raises just as Nicki Minaj's below photo mimics. 

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Nicki Minaj's photo shows that she is no stranger to the legs raises that work the glutes. While Nicki Minaj used a method physician consulted procedure to enhance her booty, you now have many other options that can help you enhance your booty. For instance, Silicone Padded Panties at,  and Silicone Curve-Enhancing Solutions by Bubbles Bodywear.Take a look at some the great enhancement shape wear to help you get a Nicki Minaj booty without surgery or exercise. Shop for Padded Booty Panties by Bubbles Bodywear. Free Standard Shipping at for members of our military to any APO/AE address. Use discount code USA-MIL.

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These enhancements are great, however, not everyone is comfortable with a padded under garment. So heres is another great creation. Introducing  the, Butt Lifter Tummy Tucker Panty Girdle.

Butt Lifter Tummy Tucker Panty GirdleCaboost! Padded Panty & Waist CincherDouble-O Butt Lifter Latex Brief IVORY

Click photos to go to actual products. These are items are insta ways to enhance the booty. These are great investments, as you see everything is sucked in where it should be, and hanging out just where you want it. In the booty area. However, I have found some great video's that will help you on your quest to get a Nicki Minaj Booty. 

This video is structured to help you get a bigger booty naturally, no injections or implants.

Is everybody obsessed with Nicki Minajs Booty, watch as Regis grabs it on this video.

Did Rihanna grab Nicki Minaj's booty? Uh Oh 

An leave it to Chelsea to ignite a conversation about Nicki Minaj's booty. Big ups to Nicki Minaj, I'm not mad at you. She is one of the baddest chics in the game right now, and having a big booty only adds to her fan club and pockets.  Nicki Minaj's latest album  Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, is on sale know. Grab it as soon as you can. 

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