Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Surgical Procedure: Get A Bigger Booty With Dr. Matthew Schulman

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The power of a bigger booty is inevitable. For many of us having a big booty plays an important factor in most aspects of our life. Whether it be our social life, or love life the booty is greatly celebrated. Having a big booty or lack there has been can significantly affect ones self-esteem. The urban ethnicity, has almost a zero tolerance for a female with a not so flattering booty. Lets face it for some of us, excersize is just not enough gain booty that we so desire.. Which is why I got so excited once I stumble across this Plastic Surgeon by the name of Dr. Mattew Schulman.   Dr. Schulman is said to be the go-to-guy for the celebs. So If your looking for that J-Lo- Kim Kardashian Booty, you may want to consider consulting Dr. Schulman. He has developed this new method that he calls the scoop lift.

According to Dr. Schulman,

Buttock Augmentation and Implants New York City

Buttock contouring is increasing in popularity. Many people desire a fuller, firmer, and lifted backside. Whether you have always been “derriere deficient”, just want to have a larger backside, or you lost your curves with recent weight loss or aging, Dr. Schulman can help with his buttock contouring procedure. Buttock contouring is commonly referred to as Buttock Lift”Buttock Augmentation”Butt Implants” or “Brazilian Buttock Lift”. Dr. Schulman uses aspects from a variety of techniques in his approach to buttock contouring and has created his own procedure forbuttock augmentation and lifting called “SCOOP Lift”.
“SCOOP Lift” represents an innovation in buttock contouring. It was designed to overcome the deficiencies commonly seen with the traditional Brazilian Buttock Lift.  Dr. Schulman performs his “SCOOP Lift” buttock contouring using a combination of meticulous liposculpting and fat transfer. By removing fat from areas you don’t want and then injecting it into your backside, he can improve the entire appearance of your lower body. Unlike artificial and unnatural fillers that can lead to hardness and infection, the fat is part of your own body so it is safe, natural, and long lasting. Also, unlike implants, transplanted fat cells stay where they are injected and cannot move out of the desired location.  The added benefit of his “SCOOP Lift” is the additional contouring you will get from the fat harvesting, in particular the sexy lower back curve that accentuates your buttock. Dr. Schulman will evaluate you and contour your entire torso with the eye and skill of a sculptor. It is so much more than simply taking fat out, and putting fat in.
While Dr. Schulman does this procedure often, no two are the same. This is because he carefully analyzes your body to determine which fat needs to be moved around. During your consultation with Dr. Schulman, he will carefully analyze your body, carefully determining where to remove volume and where to add volume. His “SCOOP Lift” technique involves reshaping and transforming your body in the image you desire. This is why he has a variety of celebrity clients, and why men and woman come to Dr. Schulman from all over the country.
“SCOOP Lift” Buttock contouring with fat transfer is performed in a fully accredited operating facility so that your safety is never compromised. The recovery is similar to after liposuction and you will be back to your regular routine in only a short time. As the swelling goes down, you will begin to appreciate your new sculpted look featuring a fuller, firmer, and lifted backside.
Whether you are looking for only a slight lift or you desire significantly increased volume in your backside, this procedure may be exactly what you are looking for.

Meet Dr. Mathew Schulman New York Plastic Surgeon:

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How To Get A Nicki Minaj Booty?

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Nicki Minaj is the reigning Queen of The Big Booty. She burst onto the scene only a few years ago, her outgoing personality and her huge booty created quite a stir. Many question's arise when it comes to Nicki Minaj's booty and the validity behind it. Rumors have further heightened the theory that Nicki Minaj's booty, is fake. While Nicki Minaj has rapped several verses from one song to the next suggesting that she has had some type of butt augmentation done; no one really knows the exact procedure. I thing that Nicki Minaj has butt injections(i.e. booty shots). As  some of her lyrics  suggest in the song "Dance" by Big Sean,  Nicki says something along the lines of "It's finally soft, man it's finally soft, I guess them a** shots wore off".  

It is from that segment or statement made by Nicki Minaj that I've drawn conclusion that Nicki Minaj gets butt injections. There is no argument that Nicki's booty is admired by many, both male and female. Women are now on a quest to get bigger butts. With that being said, I'm on  quest to provide the information that is being seeked.  For starters to the glutes are muscles. In order to gain muscle one must exercise to build it.  You can do leg raises just as Nicki Minaj's below photo mimics. 

Photo credit:

Nicki Minaj's photo shows that she is no stranger to the legs raises that work the glutes. While Nicki Minaj used a method physician consulted procedure to enhance her booty, you now have many other options that can help you enhance your booty. For instance, Silicone Padded Panties at,  and Silicone Curve-Enhancing Solutions by Bubbles Bodywear.Take a look at some the great enhancement shape wear to help you get a Nicki Minaj booty without surgery or exercise. Shop for Padded Booty Panties by Bubbles Bodywear. Free Standard Shipping at for members of our military to any APO/AE address. Use discount code USA-MIL.

Bootiful Padded PantiesCan-Can Padded PantyFANCY Fanny Padded Panty

These enhancements are great, however, not everyone is comfortable with a padded under garment. So heres is another great creation. Introducing  the, Butt Lifter Tummy Tucker Panty Girdle.

Butt Lifter Tummy Tucker Panty GirdleCaboost! Padded Panty & Waist CincherDouble-O Butt Lifter Latex Brief IVORY

Click photos to go to actual products. These are items are insta ways to enhance the booty. These are great investments, as you see everything is sucked in where it should be, and hanging out just where you want it. In the booty area. However, I have found some great video's that will help you on your quest to get a Nicki Minaj Booty. 

This video is structured to help you get a bigger booty naturally, no injections or implants.

Is everybody obsessed with Nicki Minajs Booty, watch as Regis grabs it on this video.

Did Rihanna grab Nicki Minaj's booty? Uh Oh 

An leave it to Chelsea to ignite a conversation about Nicki Minaj's booty. Big ups to Nicki Minaj, I'm not mad at you. She is one of the baddest chics in the game right now, and having a big booty only adds to her fan club and pockets.  Nicki Minaj's latest album  Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, is on sale know. Grab it as soon as you can. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rihanna Gained 10 Pounds Of Booty

According to, Rihanna has gained 10 pounds of booty. I think that this story is hilarious, but Rih-Rih looks great. Way to go girl, I'm starting to believe that the way to man's heart is definitely, by maintaining the perfect booty,  the bigger the better.   Big ups to Rihanna way to go chic.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How To Get A Serena Williams Booty

Ladies Serena Williams has tons of junk in the trunk. Inquiring minds want to know how did Serena get all of this junk in the trunk. Judging from Serena's athletic build, there is lots of exercise involved. I have searched and found several workouts that will help you get a booty like Serena's so please pay attention ladies.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

How To Get A Kim Kardashian Booty

Kim Kardashian has become Queen of the big booty era. There has been an on going debate about the validity of Kim's booty. In a recent episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashian's", the sister's Kourtney and Khloe dare Kim to get a butt x-ray. The x-ray results revealed that Kim Kardashian's booty is 100% real. There is no denying that she has a fabulous booty.  It takes a little bit more for some of us than genetics so I decided to give you the low down on how to get a Kim Kardashian booty?  Here's a great video I found to help you get a booty just like Kim Kardashians. She has created several video's to help you perfect your backside. She also has one for weight loss it's entitled "Fit In Your Jeans By Friday". Here is a video that will surely help you get a Kim Kardashian Booty?

More Tips On How To Get A Kim Kardashian Booty 

Tip 1
For a bigger but naturally take dietary supplements/ herbs and vitamins. Order them now.
 Make sure you get phyto estrogen, or plant estrogen, as these are supplements used to aid in menopausal women, or men undergoing sex changes. Phyto estrogens are used to enhance the feminine parts as the added estrogen help your body to better develop. However, take only the labeled dosage because too much of any supplement can be dangerous.

Tip 2
If you are debating on a herbal supplement, you can get one for FREE. Maca root is known to help you get a bigger butt, especially if you're apple shaped. Maca helps to balance out hormones but has phyto estrogen properties. The reason it works better for apples is that being an apple shape usually has to do with a hormonal imbalance. Of course,the best way to find out if you have a hormonal imbalance is with a doctor.

Tip 3
There are certain types of food that can help you get a bigger butt. If you want to use food to help you get a bigger butt, the best foods are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. How does this food help you get a bigger butt? It helps make your butt get bigger faster when you combine the food with the exercise!

Some foods which can help make your butt bigger:

Fish, Chicken BREAST, fish, and Milk.

     If you want to use foods to get a bigger butt without exercise, the most common foods used are high in soy. It's believed that consuming foods high in soy will help you get a bigger butt, however, the phyto estrogen found in soy foods is in such low quantity that it may not be as effective.

Some phyto estrogen foods which may help make your butt bigger:

Soy milk, soy, tofu, and soy beans may help you get a bigger butt

There are so many products out there aimed at getting you a bigger butt. The way most supplements work is by using phyto estrogens. Plant estrogens are most commonly used for menopausal women, breast enhancement, and transgender men looking to become more feminine.

      To much phyto estrogens can be bad for you and cause a series of health problems. In the years I've helped women with getting a bigger butt, many develop health problems because they aren't educated on supplements (I sold a buttock guide). An advertisers job is to sell you something. Of course they won't tell you the side effects which can happen when you use their butt pills.
Maca root is known to help you get a bigger butt, especially if you're apple shaped. Maca helps to balance out hormones but has phyto estrogen properties. The reason it works better for apples is that being an apple shape usually has to do with a hormonal imbalance. Of course, the best way to find out if you have a hormonal imbalance is with a doctor.



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Trick To Getting A Bigger Booty Is To Get A Super Flat Stomach

Ladies I've discovered that one of the best ways to get a bigger booty, is to first flatten your lower abdominals. You should work on your abs as much as possible. As I find great ab work outs I will post them periodically. However, I have found something better than the routine itself. I've discovered the ab circle pro. This machine is literally a treadmill for the stomach and I love it. You can literally combine ab work and cardio all in a matter of minutes. So, again I say to you happy but gaining ladies.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ever Wonder How to Get a Bigger Booty

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Ok ladies, now I know that every lady wants to feel sexy and attractive. Sexy is differently defined depending on many cultures. While this seems to be true, One very important attribute to being  a sexy female is the power of the Gluteus Maximus. Yes, ladies I said it ; the power is the booty.  I mean honestly being a woman of African American decent,I can tell you that within this culture there is no such thing as too much booty.

The booty itself is the highlight of sexy now a days, I mean maybe it's just me but, know i'm noticing that even in HollyWood the butts are getting bigger and the bodys are shrinking.  I decided that I would do some research to see just how are women getting these Ghetto Booty's.

First off let me define Ghetto Booty: According to,
The "Ghetto Booty" has become popular in certain segments of American Society. Some people are attracted to a butt that is larger than the frame of the woman, sits high on the waist and is rounded. Here are some tips on how you can acquire a bonafide Ghetto Booty.

While researching how to get a bigger booty I found some very interesting articles. One that caught my attention is one entitle How to Get a Ghetto Booty. Here are tips according to this article found on


  1. Hit the gym and start working on your butt. The mark of a truly great Ghetto Booty is that it is not only larger than the waist proportionally, but firm. Hop on the Stairmaster for your cardio. The motion of climbing the stairs will make your butt "pop" from the back of your body.

  2. Do reverse leg curls, squats and sit-ups. The first two will shape the muscle tone of your butt and the last will tighten your waist.

  3. Consider your diet. Even if you are trying to gain weight, eat healthy nutritious foods. Otherwise the hard work of your exercise will go to waste. This means a lot of lean protein and high fiber carbs. If you need to lose weight, then reduce your daily caloric intake.

  4. Go shopping with your new Ghetto Booty. After a month or so, you will see some solid results. Now you need clothes to accentuate your new look. Look for shirts that cut you at the waist to expose your backside. Also look for jeans that are small in the waist (usually sitting high), leave plenty of room for your "junk in the trunk" and then taper tightly around the rest of your legs. This will accentuate a curvy figure.

Read more: How to Get a Ghetto Booty |
I found this article to be very entertaining as well as informative. I mean as far as I know ghetto booty's are born not made but, that's just my opinion. However there are several options in altering the booty. The best way I think would be to exercise and to target that specific area. Then there are the fake booty pads which I myself wouldn't suggest this because it only gives a false impression of your backside. Exercise and diets have been suggested by fitness experts. Exercise can help but there are certain things that one has to consider for optimal results. For instance, genetics is very important in terms of body composition. Some people are naturally thin, or naturally shapelier than others. 
Another method of getting a bigger booty is having surgery or obtaining a butt lift. Some experts even suggest adding more estrogen to the body to obtain more booty meat. This was shocking to me. I am definitely on the prowl now to see what the celebs have doing to get bigger booty's.  Stay tuned...